There are no straight lines.


Eric is an accidental artist by way of formal design practice. He attended Auburn University’s school of Industrial Design and obtained a Bachelors of Industrial Design in Product Development. After graduation Eric moved to Chicago to design furniture and unexpectedly built a photography studio with his wife and a fabrication shop to experiment with prototyping and batch production. One of his projects landed him in the San Francisco Bay Area in 2012. Since then he has twice become a father who is focused on sustaining a work life balance between the worlds of tech and craft.


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Eric is an artist, designer and craftsman based in the San Francisco Bay Area who works under the surname Stavn.


As a mechanism to rekindle his love of furniture making alongside an idea planted by his father, in 2014 he set to carve 100 pieces in 100 days. By studying methods mastered by Stephen Hogbin found buried between the pages of a 1980’s issue of Fine Woodworking, a practice of labor resulted which continues through his studio practice today. Since this seminal study, Eric now continues his work by studying the masters of craft through developing new work under Stavn.


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