Eric is an artist, designer and craftsman based in the San Francisco Bay Area who works under the surname Stavn.


 I want my art and its craft to be a source of aesthetic beauty for generations to enjoy. I want it to be functional or visceral, and speak to the method and medium of material. I want to challenge the work itself, to give credit to both its lineage and study of the masters. I want it to stand as its own body, then, serve as a mold for the next apprentice to add to their repertoire.

In addition to creating art, Stavn will serve as a space for other businesses to flourish. We will get our hands dirty, and elevate the voiceless to the pinnacle of their craft. Our creations must be true to the cost it consumes to exist, with an emphasis on conservation. Our teams will remain small and dynamic, diminishing the stagnation that comes along with larger organizations.


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I imagine a life of simplicity and consistency. Where my daily rhythm involves hard work, discipline and the reward of a sore body. A place where I pour into people through teaching, mentor ship, or my craft itself. My appearance and dress is understated yet purposeful and well-made; this is our goal.

Universities have been pumping out managers, and stigmatizing the crafts and manual labor. We are wont to believe that physical labor and creative pursuits are reserved for a select few. However, we envision a time when individuals can return to their pursuits of passion and live like philosophers.


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